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Adding friends from your contacts, and a work-around for a small glitch

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You can use the "find from my contacts" feature shown above to see all the people on reInsta that match people in your contacts. However, there is a small bug related to that in version 1.0, where reInsta doesn't ask permission to access your contacts on demand. The work-around is to use the invite friends screen to grant the permission (one time) as follows::

  1. On the reInsta home screen, tap the menu icon (upper right) then tap "find friends" then go into "invite friends"
  2. If it prompts for permission to access your contacts grant permission to the app (one time) 
  3. After granting the app permission to access your contacts, you can invite someone or just cancel out to get back to the main find friends screen
After doing the above (one time), from then on, simply tap the "from my contact list" option and it should show everybody that's on reInsta that is also in your phone contacts. This way you can add them all at once from one screen. As more people you know join reInsta, you will see them when you come back to this screen.

We will be putting out an update that fixes the contact list permission glitch in the next release. In the mean time, use the "invite friends" work-around described above.

Written by reinstadotcom

Feb 24, 2013

in tips