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Facebook and Instagram keep access to user photos while the user is denied access

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Facebook is apparently pushing Instagram to incorporate identity. As TechCrunch described it, Instagram was not built that way to start with:

When Kevin Systrom and Mike Kreiger started Instagram, it wasn’t meant to be your meatspace social graph or the online copy of your personality. It was just for smartphonetography. You entered your handle and your “name”. Neither had to be your real name.

Many users on Instagram don’t use their real name and just go by a pseudo-anonymous handle. Facebook wants to change all that. Again, via TechCrunch:

Tacking true identity onto a two-plus year-old social network doesn’t come easy. It could even steal a bit of the carefree atmosphere that’s made Instagram such a refreshing alternative to Facebook.

Instagram never required users to use their real names before. However, they are now reportedly requiring some users to confirm their identities with pictures of government-issued IDs

Facebook and its sister network Instagram known as the world's largest social network is now in hot water again. This time it isn't about a class action lawsuit over photo rights and marketing information. It has become much more serious than that for many users. Facebook and Instagram are now asking users to provide scanned government issued photo identification in order to obtain access to their accounts with the majority of account holders residing in the United States. While the account is disabled the user's profile is still visible by friends and family, however, access is completely denied to the alleged.

Even worse, according to this L.A. Harte story:

In this methodology Facebook and Instagram keeps access to a user's photos and their last status updated but the user is denied access completely to modifying or logging into the account until rigorous identification documents are verified by the social networking giant.

This kind of thing is why we introduced the "Bring Your Own Cloud Storage" concept to reInsta. With reInsta, you keep your photos in your own Dropbox account and you can deny access to the reInsta app - unlike other social networks, like Facebook and Instagram, where you need their permission to access your own photos, where they can block you from your own photos at any time, with the reInsta social network, you control whether the service may continue to access your photos, not the other way around.

Written by ReInstaDotCom

May 27, 2013


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